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Geoff Clark acoustic

Dec 11 @ 5:00 pm
Just Jill Just acoustic

Dec 12 @ 5:00 pm

just jill has a passion for music and can often be found on her back porch watching the mountains and playing her guitar. She plays a variety of styles of music from traditional folk to bluesy rock and roll…sprinkle in a little grateful dead or ani difranco and that gives you just jill. with over 20 years of guitar, bass, vocals and theater, her passion for words and song come through strong.

The Levi Carpman Jazz Trio

@ The Rock Inn Mountain Tavern

Dec 13 @ 7:00 pm

A night with budding Jazz Musicians from UNC Jazz studies

Sarah Caton Acoustic

Dec 14 @ 5:00 pm

This rootsy singer songwriter has a voice like birds flying out of a canyon, gliding with incredible range, expression and depth, straight into the heart of her listeners. She takes the stage authentically on a no-holds-barred mission to honor truth without fear, beckoning others to join her and leave aside regret, come find redemption along the way. Interweaving tales of human experience with humor, insight and unflinching vulnerability.

Sarah started taking classical piano lessons at age six, then at sixteen became the pianist in her father’s church–a church smack dab in the middle of Utah, in a town that had exactly zero stoplights and a whole lotta cowboys, coal miners, truck drivers and Mormons. It was just a gas station on the map to the rest of the world, but her parents dedicated their lives to building a church there, steering lost souls from the brink of hell and raising their five children completely sheltered from the modern world.

But Sarah’s salvation wasn’t found in religion, she stumbled upon it whilst tickling the ivories under the spell of Rachmoninoff and Chopin. Or maybe it was the desert that saved her; the dry, dusty hills where she’d wander and wonder with her brother, and hatch survivalist plots just in case the deal with Jesus about the rapture fell through. At age twenty one, well-trained in music theory but completely ignorant of popular music, it finally came into her life: Music, real music. Her soul ran away with the blues and she found kinship with folksingers, especially their protest songs, it was like she’d known Neil Young, Bob Dylan and Janis Joplin her whole life. She began borrowing twenty CD’s at a time from the library, in every genre they had, and soon, disappeared down a rabbit hole, purchasing a guitar so she could learn to sing and play like these new heroes, Etta James, Patty Griffin, Gillian Welch, Ben Harper, Tracy Chapman and so many more.

She still plays that little Alvarez guitar and carries out her search for truth under the beautiful skies of Colorado and as far as anyone knows she hasn’t come out of the rabbit hole yet.

Jon Pickett Acoustic

Dec 15 @ 5:00 pm

Born in Dayton, OH and now calling Estes Park, CO home-base Jon grew up playing guitar in a high school metal band! Lots has happened since those cherished days. Now he feels equally comfortable playing guitar, bass (electric and upright) and drums as well as lead and harmony vocals. After college he migrated to Colorado and this mountain music atmosphere helped merge all of his musical influences (folk, hip-hop, metal, jazz, bluegrass, Motown and Weird Al ; ) into what’s currently happening… Chain Station and his solo singer/songwriter/one-man-band performances. Jon is an born entertainer and you can expect to hear anything from his soulful originals to Paul Simon, The Steeldrivers, Taj Mahal, and expet the Black Sabbath, Salt & Peppa, Kermit the Frog and Paula Abdul (?)!

bluegrass • singer-songwriter • one man band

Open 7 days a week at 4pm

Built in 1937 as a dance hall for the Big Band Era, The Rock Inn continues to be a lively gathering place with local flair. In the winter, our two wood-burning stoves keep the room toasty for folks stopping in for a beer or a bite after playing in Rocky Mountain National Park. During the summer season we enjoy stunning continental divide views from our outdoor dining patio.


Our menu is an ever evolving blend of hand-crafted, hearty comfort food with a health and planet conscious twist. We aim to fill you up with goodness so you can get back to enjoying the mountains again tomorrow. We feature Gold Canyon Natural Gourmet Angus Beef, All-Natural Colorado chicken, fresh salads, whole grains, organic teas and coffees, local beers, sustainable produced wines, and a full bar.


On occasional nights after dinner, we set-up one of many original Colorado bands on our nearly 80 year old stage, clear the dance floor and boogie all night. Some of the bands playing these days include Chain Station, Bonfire DubThe Jay Roemer Band, Flynn and The Electric Co, We Dream Dawn, Thunder and RainKC Groves, and many more.


During the summer time, acoustic music acts play most other nights of the week, Sunday nights are a mellower feeling as we host acoustic Colorado songwriters during dinner. You might catch Jon Pickett, Alex Thoele, Erik Yates, Erik Oftedahl, Carter SampsonJay Roemer, Sean Flynn, Billy Shaddox, Erin Peet-Lukes, Jay Stott, or Terry Kishiyama and Ash Ganley. We also offer a great open bluegrass pick on Thursday during the winter months, lead by a few talented local musicians, either joining in on the pick or just sitting back and enjoying the bluegrass, these are funny nights of music.


We look forward to having you join us. Reservations are not accepted, however if you want to give us a call (970-586-4116) when you are on your way we will be happy to get a table ready for you or put you on the list. During the off-season there is rarely a wait. In July, August, and September it is best to get here before 6pm.

We open at 4 pm daily. Our closing hours vary with the season and weather.

Take-out is available. We do not use any Styrofoam containers. 970-586-4116.

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